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The most trying times often produce our finest hours. The mass cancellation of junior livestock shows spurred much conversation throughout rural Texas. What do we do? How do we help these kids? Through a team of Auctioneers, Ag Teachers, and business people an idea was formed, implemented and will continue to be refined for the benefit of our youth in agriculture. Enter StockShowAuctions.com, an online premium type auction platform where exhibitors can load up their information and photos of their project and reap the financial benefit from supporters.

Our goal is to provide a fair marketplace, honor exhibitors, promote the rural way of life and be an advocate for all things stock show and ag.

We strive to create a platform that allows each exhibitor to be in control of their financial destiny. Whether a major show is cancelled and they need a place to replace lost earnings or if they wish to place a project in the sale to allow more supporters to participate in their success SSA is here to provide them that opportunity.

StockSHowAuctions.com is managed by veteran auctioneers who are themselves products of the FFA/4H programs.

Best of luck to all!

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"Good Things are often birthed from adversity."
- Robert A. Schuller -
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All non-Sanctioned and approved sales benefit our 4H/FFA students and our U.S. Military Veterans and are tax deductible through www.Cowboys4Heroes.com
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