Tacota Deiss Nederland FFA
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First Name:Tacota
Last Name:Deiss
FFA Chapter or 4H Club Name:Nederland FFA
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Animal Weight (in Pounds):1350
Date of Reported Weight :03/14/2022
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Hey y'all, I am Tacota Deiss, a sophomore at Nederland High School, and also our FFA Chapter's, Vice President. I would like y'all to meet my exotic steer, Titan. With this being my first year to show steers, I have to say it has been an amazing, scary and crazy experience. Taking on Titan was a challenge from the beginning, since I am super small and he was stubborn, hardheaded and ten times my weight but because he was kinda like myself I welcomed the challenge and I am so thankful that Mr. Lively from Utopia Ranch, paired me with this beautiful creature. Even though this year was not a cake walk, Titan taught me so much that helped prepare me for next year, such as how to handle an unruly steer or having to change foods a lot until we found him the right food. The experience with Titan challenged and changed me, he brought life back to me when I was going through some hard times. Titan, started off rough but over the year he turned into a sweet baby and after all the hard work we both put into being show ready, we became one functioning unit.

Not only did I have Titan to raise, I also was involved in our FFA chapter as the Vice President, played soccer for 2 different teams, started barrel racing lessons, volunteering at local barns and pet adoption places, and the most important one of all was I started the veterinarian technician program this year. Yes, I have a lot on my plate this year but through God's Grace and my dedication, patience, consistency and never giving up, it really helps me continue to push through and strive to better myself and everything I involved myself in.  I am closing this years chapter out with a grateful heart and a promise to myself to start my next chapter in life with more strive to be better next year as I take on all my life goals. 

God Bless Y'all


Echo Group$200.00
Rotating Equipment Repair - RER$2,500.00
H.B. Neild & Sons, Inc. $100.00
Donna Bertolino$100.00
Echo Group$200.00
Kieschnick Industries, Inc.$100.00
Gulf Coast Specialties$100.00
Tacota Deiss$100.00

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