Rocker 7 Farms Southwest Born & Bred 2020 Steer and Heifer Sale - AZ

With an early interest and passion for cattle and showing livestock, Brandon Leister began breeding and raising his own small herd of show stock soon after his own youth show career began. He consistently focused on quality over quantity over the years, building a strong genetic base with structurally sound females bred with the most successful club calf genetics available at the time. In recent years, the cow herd has expanded some to provide the ability to serve more young people, as interest in show cattle has grown throughout the southwest. Brandon has utilized artificial insemination to improve the genetic base of the club calf herd for more than 20 years now and is proud of the quality cattle he is able to offer youth exhibitors at fair and affordable prices. With a keen eye for quality cattle, honed through a collegiate livestock judging career and a history of evaluating livestock at county fairs throughout the southwest, Brandon has put forth the time and effort necessary to produce quality calf crops each season. There is a strong emphasis on researching the best genetics available each season and evaluating and matching those genetics to a select cow herd for ideal mating combinations. We are a family built upon our own youth livestock showing experiences, eager to encourage, support and equip the current generation of young showmen with quality projects. From breeding to banners, Rocker 7 Ranches is proud of what we are able to offer youth exhibitors.

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