Maverick Gorla Rocky Mountain 4H Club
Lot Number:114
Start Time:7/24/2020 9:00:00 PM
End Time:7/26/2020 2:00:07 AM
Bid Count:13
Winning User:5062 (Colorado)
Starting Bid:$66.00
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I named my hog "Creek" becuase our farm goes through Brush Creek.  The hog pen is really close to the creek so she enjoys the sound of the running water as well as the coolness it brings.  This batch of hogs from D & D genetics, out of Nebraska is by far the friendliest and happiest bunch we have ever gotten.  She had plenty of shade but I added an umbrella for her too.  Her tail wags a lot and I swear it  looks like she is smiling.  "Creek" is one of the bigger of the hogs we have this year but she is not a bully.  She is really nice and easy to handle.   I am 17 years old and have been involved in 4h for the last 5 years. I have an xbred Gilt market hog for sale. My animals market strength is her spot on weight.  By the time she will go to auction she will be optimal weight to go the Mountain Meats processing place in Craig, CO.  I have particiapated in 4h becuase my family and I have always been an active part of our community. We volunteer and participate in community events all year long.  We lead the Adopt A Family program for the Salvation Army and we do Trail Clean Ups throuh Hardscrabble Trails Coalition and we do Simple Suppers at the local Methodist Church, amongst other events. I love my small town.  I have also aprticipated in 4H to learn life skills; like speaking in public, leanring about debits and credits and learning about basic accounting and finance through project book keeping.  Participating in 4h made it possible for me to buy my own truck.  The subsequent money I have earned from raising project animals has been put into an Edward Jones Account and I will use that money to pay for my dream school.  I want to attend Divers Institute of Technology where you learn how to weld underwater, do construction under water and do salvage under water. I have been been on the swim team since middle school and I am at home in the water.  For summer jobs I have been a lifegaurd for the past three years. To be able to attend a school and have a career where I can be in water would be awesome.  I have reearched the school in depth.  It is in Washington state in Seattle.  It will cost me about 50,000.00$.

First Name:Maverick
Last Name:Gorla
FFA Chapter or 4H Club Name:Rocky Mountain 4H Club
Validation Tag or Show reference#:35
Animal Weight (in Pounds):333
Date of Reported Weight :07/10/2020
Type of Sale:Terminal - Buyer Wins Project at High Bid
Hobbs Excavating and Trucking LLC$100.00


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