San Benito County Fair Junior Livestock Auction - CA

The San Benito County Fair Junior Livestock Auction is the culmination of a long summer spent raising the best quality food for your purchase. Through these projects, exhibitors learn many lifelong skills in budgeting for purchase of their animal, feed, supplies and veterinary care. They spend many hours caring for and feeding their animal to keep it growing efficiently and they raise it in a healthy, clean and safe environment. The Auction, as in any production Agriculture program, is the time to bring the best product to market. Each of these exhibitors took a chance in very trying times and dedicated their summer to learning and raising livestock to provide a safe, nutritious food product to consumers. We are proud of them and wish them success in the sale of their project and know that they represent the Animal Agriculture industry well. We are grateful to you, our buyers, for your continued support of the youth in our community in a difficult year and we appreciate your flexibility in changing to a format that is new to most of us. Thank you and we hope you have a fun successful sale and fill your freezer with quality meat.

PO Box 780, Tres Pinos, California 95075
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