Anne Arundel County 4H/FFA Livestock Auction - Maryland

Anne Arundel County 4H/FFA Livestock Auction - Maryland

Welcome to the 2020 Anne Arundel County 4H/FFA Livestock Auction we have a superior lineup of steers, hogs, lambs, market goats and turkeys for sale.  We are proud of our Anne Arundel County 4H and FFA members who have been working hard to raise quality meat to feed your family.  These members have all taken training to learn how to best raise animals to quality standards.  All youth members have signed a feed assurance documents indicating the animals have been fed high quality diets as well.  This auction is the culmination of all their hard work and dedication. 

This livestock sale is host by the Anne Arundel 4H/ FFA Livestock Committee.  Due to Covid- 19 the auction will be hosted online through Stock Show Auctions.  We have over 30 4H and FFA members participating each year in livestock projects.  Through livestock projects youth learn many skills that help develop leadership, responsibility and citizenship. This sale offers you the buyer to support and encourage the county's youth establishing or contributing to their livestock business, many youth use proceeds for next year’s projects or to help pay for college or career training. 

All Lots are subject to change until 12:00 PM on 9/19/2020

This auction is organized by species and then Alphabetically order.

Only the Champion Turkey will sell in the auction and they will be lots #1 and #2.



No Animals will be resold-  all donated animals will be sold at a local auction at market prices. 

Processing Information Can Be Found in the Documents Folder Below and on Each Lot.


This year each 4H or FFA member will have an Add-On lot listed where you can assist an individual exhibitor through financial donations. An Add-On will be credited to the exhibitor less applicable sale expenses (1%).  Add-On amounts are made by the contributor and are a binding agreement to remint those funds to the show.  There is no transfer fee or ownership to any lot.  Add-Ons are to be strictly considered a gift or donation to the exhibitor.   This year has been unlike no other and these youth have not had the opportunity to show and earn premiums through the summer to help offset the expenses of raising animals.  The Add-On bids are greatly appreciated. 

Champion animals will be listed here after the Anne Arundel County Livestock Shows-

Champion Steer- Jacob Bowen                                                    Reserve Champion Steer-  Jacob Bowen

Champion Market Goat-   Colton Sunderland                             Reserve Champion Market Goat- Robert Henry

Champion Market Swine- Won by a Non 4H/FFA Member         Reserve Champion Market Swine- Kelsey Winters

Champion Lamb-    Oliva Velthuis                                                Reserve Champion Lamb- Aneka Velthuis

Champion Market Turkey-   Issac Velthuis                                   Reserve Champion Market Turkey- Olivia Velthuis


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