Megan Begley Bellaire FFA
Start Time:4/16/2021 1:00:00 PM
End Time:4/17/2021 10:12:24 PM
Bid Count:16
Winning Bidder:Steven Barrier
Starting Bid:$300.00
Bid Increment:$50.00
Current Bid:$2,000.00
Bidding complete

Hello. My name is Megan Begley, this is my 6th year in the Bellaire FFA program where I was a junior member. This is my first year as a senior member. This year I am raising a hog named Kevin, a steer named Pote, and a Hereford heifer named Teresa. My favorite animal to raise has to be the hog. None of my sisters really like the hog but I find them to be very interesting and very challenging. I think I enjoy them even more than cattle and I love my cattle so that says a lot. I love my little hog and spend hours in the pin with him playing with him and making him my friend.  I will continue to raise hogs and maybe one day breed them along with my cattle of course. I worked really hard raising Kevin, but he developed a hernia and that kept him preforming at his best. The judge said he was a good hog, but the hernia was bad. I felt bad for Kevin. Kevin and I went out there and put our best foot forward despite the hernia. I was really hoping the judge would see past the hernia and see what a great hog Kevin is. I showed him really well I thought. Today we sit as the third-place hog. I will be sad to see Kevin go but I hope whoever wins him really enjoys the quality meat you will get out this great hog. Any money won will go toward my next school hog and if I can talk my parents into it a Harris county hog as well. Wish me luck on that. Thanks everyone for supporting me and my projects and our program. God Bless

Cheryl Deitcher$100.00
Julianna Schwalen-Lee$100.00
Bellaire Optimist Club$550.00
Theresa Bosley$20.00
Theresa Bosley$40.00
Ruben Lopez$25.00
Randall Evans$50.00
Chris Parrack$100.00
Chris Parrack$100.00


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5100 Maple Street
Bellaire, Texas 77401
United States

Thank you for supporting the hard working exhibitors and youth participants of the Bellaire FFA.

EXHIBITORS - You may only enter in the following catergories: Market Steers, Market Barrows, Market Lambs, and Market Broilers.

Processing Information: At the conclusion of the online auction, buyers will be contacted and asked to choose which local processor they would like to have their animal(s) processed through. All animals will be transported to a local processor of choice from the processor list below. All processing fees and processed meat pick-up are the responsibility of the buyer except for broilers. If a buyer does not have a preference or does not let the Ag Science Teachers know which processor then animals will be taken to Goings Meat Processing.

Processor Choices: 

Goings Meat Processing 

6813 E Wallisville Rd 
Baytown, TX 77521 

Phone: 281-426-3815 


Fisher Ham and Meat Co. 

5023 Spring Cypress Rd 

Spring, Texas  77379 

Phone:  281-376-1644 


Jackson’s Custom Slaughter & Deer Processing 

818 E Wallisville Rd 

Highlands, Tx 77562 
Phone: 281-421-2237 


Pete’s Fine Meats 

5509 Richmond Ave 

Houston, Tx 77056 

Phone: 713-782-3470