Eagle County Junior Livestock Auction - CO

Eagle County Junior Livestock Auction - CO

Purchases through the Eagle County Junior Livestock Auction, help to support a program that teaches and rewards strong morals and hard work ethics. It encourages youth leadership and promotes community involvement. The money may help fund a college career and support future 4-H projects. It also helps to support the future of American agriculture.


Market Value Minimum Bid per species:

Steer: $1500, Swine: $300, Lamb: $250, Goat: $250, Chicken: $30 f/3, Rabbit: $15, Turkey: $40 f/2, Ducks: $45 f/3, & Quail $20ea

Some tips:

·       In order for us to give you proper recognition when you make a purchase, it is best to use your business name as the UserName.  

o   If you have already registered and need to have the UserName changed, please contact us at StockShowAuctions.com to get the Username changed.  

·     After the Sale is over you will receive an email with a link to make your selection regarding your decision to “Retain for Own Use” or “Buyback.” 

o    If retaining for own use, you will be selecting to personal retain the processed Animal.  

o   The “Retain for Own Use” or “Buyback” decisions are needed Saturday at the conclusion of the Sale in order for us to make delivery arrangements for the animals.

·       If you would like to make additional “Add-Ons” to exhibitors, you may do so up until 6:00 p.m. MST on Monday, July 26, 2021.

o   A final invoice will be emailed to you once the Add-On portion of the auction closes. 



PO Box 239, Eagle , Colorado 81631