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Lot Number:1
Start Time:12/10/2021 4:00:00 PM
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Starting Bid:$10.00
Bid Increment:$10.00
Current Bid:$10.00
Add-On Total:$0.00

Place an "Add-on" In $10.00 Increments. For every $10.00 add-on you will have one ticket entered.

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200 County Road 421
Stephenville, Texas 76401
United States

Huckabay FFA "Run Gaffle", each ticket has 5 chances to win! Simply pick your preferred Huckabay FFA Member and click "View Lot Details" then click "Add-on" enter any amount in $10.00 denominations and you will have one ticket entered per $10.00. Any amount not divisible by $10.00 will be credited to the entire qualifying team and divided accordingly.

If you "Add-on" $15.00 you'll have 1 ticket entered and $5 will be credited to the general pot; $40.00 you'll have 4 tickets entered, $100.00 will have 10 tickets entered.