Merced County Fair Livestock Sale- CA

Welcome to the 2020 Merced County Fair Virtual Livestock Sale. This year we are selling beef, goats, sheep, swine, rabbits, and dairy replacement heifers. 

This year's resale prices are:
Beef = $1.02          Goat=$2.70         Sheep=$0.80          Swine= $0.50
NOTE: For each each lot you can do a "max bid" or "regular bid". Max bid is the max that you are WILLING to spend on the lot. If someone outbids your current bid, the comptuer will bid for you in $25 increments, up to your max bid.  Once you enter a max bid it CANNOT be changed by you. If you want a different max bid please call us at 209-722-1421. Regular bid are individual bids like at a traditonal auction. You must monitor and bid yourself. 
Please click on the "documents" button to see our sale catalogs. These catalogs have the terms of conditions of the sale as well as a listing of each seller. 
Information on cut/wrap pricing is available in the sale catalog~
Rabbit Buyers = The bid price is per LOT, not per rabbit on the meat pens.
Disposition Options:
Beef: Custom, Resale or Live Pickup
Goat: Custom, Resale or Live Pickup
Sheep: Custom, Resale or Live Pickup
Swine: Custom, Resale or Live Pickup
Rabbit: Custom, Donate to Friends of Fair Dinner, or Live Pickup
Dairy Replacement Heifers: Live Pickup
If you have any questions about the sale please call the livestock office at 209-722-1421
Thank you for supporting the youth of Merced County
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