Professional Sale Management for the Competitive Livestock Industry

From Initial Consultation to Consignor/Exhibitor Settlement, offers Junior Livestock Sale Committees and producers alike a full buffet of services to energize your auction to the next level. Our team will work with you to determine what services best fit your sale's needs and budget.

  • Pre-sale marketing. You can hire the best auctioneer, rent the fanciest venue, have the best stock, but without proper marketing to potential buyers your results will be lackluster. SSA offers an in-house marketing team and has professional agreements with some of the best marketing minds in the country that we can utilize when the need arises. More buyers are great, but better buyers deliver the dollars. Call us and we'll explain how to get better buyers to your sale.
  • Professional and experienced auction staff. You can use your favorite auctioneer or one of ours. We suggest and provide professional and experienced auction staff for all of our sales. This assures that details are covered, and your buyers experience is one that makes them want to come back again.
  • Buyer Registration. Our friendly staff greets your buyers, secures their registration information and issues them a pre-printed buyer's number. Live or online, all buyer and sale data is located in one centralized system backed up to the cloud for your safety and security.
  • Auction Clerking and Online Bidding. The Auction begins and the production staff is sending HD quality, sub-second latency video to your online buyers. Whether it sells to an in-person bidder or online, each lot is clerked into our system and the buyer's invoice will be ready when they are.
  • Buyer Checkout. SSA staff presents successful buyers a detailed invoice and they may remit payment by cash, check, credit card or ACH. Online buyers can immediately pay with credit card or ACH debit to satisfy their invoice.
  • Consignor Reports. Consignors have immediate access to their statements to review sales prices and any applicable expenses.
  • Escrow Service. SSA provides government regulated and insured escrow services for all proceeds. Consignors will receive their proceeds within 7-14 after the auction.
  • Complete Accounting and Reporting. Auction host will receive full accounting, a complete data package and payment for balance due less any authorized expenses within 7-14 days after the auction.

Full Digital Production Capability

If you can dream it, it's likely we can produce it.

  • Stock Show Stream. A great source of additional revenue is hosting a professional livestream for your stock show. can professionally livestream, record and broadcast through multiple social media channels your entire stock show. Our graphics team will design custom graphics that will showcase your sponsors while your show reaps the financial benefit.
  • Produced Auction Preview. Our livestock marketing team will come to your farm, video and photo your sale lots, capture narration and produce a high-quality video that can be fed to social media channels or your website. Each individual lot will be loaded onto the actual sale lot of the SSA site so buyers can begin their review days ahead of the actual auction. While at your farm our team can shoot photos, video and conduct interviews that can be produced into short commercials that tell your farm's story.
  • Live Auction Preview. Many sales, especially consignment sales, like to do a livestream preview of the live auction offering within 24 hours of the auction. SSA has the unique ability to feed the auction preview through each consignor's social media page. This not only increases the number of potential buyers that will see your auction's offering but will target buyers that already enjoy a relationship with your consignors.
  • Multi-Camera Scenes. We live in a world of 144 characters and 30 second video attention spans. A single camera angle for an auction that last several hours does not hold buyers attention nor does it showcase your stock. Buyers want to see the stock from multiple angles and that is how we will sell them. Your SSA sale will have the animal on the screen 92% of the time they are on the block. Our closest competitor pulls in at 43%.
  • Sub-Second Action. Few platforms require split second communications over an internet connection like an auction. SSA provides sub-second streaming for your online buyers. Put simply, when the auctioneer change the bid, your online bidder will hear it not 3 to 10 seconds later or after the lot has been sold.
  • Experienced Production Staff. We don't send you the equipment and expect you to figure out how to make it work. We bring the equipment and the staff to make your auction ring the record bell. Our staff knows what will work and what will not and how to best showcase your stock.
  • Data Preservation and Storage. Have you ever thought "I wish I had a video when that animal sold." records up to eight cameras of your auction, not just what is on the screen. The recordings can be used to produce videos or ads for your farm or next auction. All sale data including buyer information, bid history, invoicing and payment is held by SSA for you for no less than two years after your auction.

Marketing Your Auction

As a producer/auction host your success is derived from not just having great stock to sell but showcasing that stock to potential buyers. has been in the marketing business for over 20 years. We can showcase your stock by deploying:

  • Print Advertising in nationally recognized show publications.
  • Email Marketing
  • Text/SMS Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • BRIM
  • Direct Mail
  • Voicemail Marketing
  • Auction Site Analytics
  • Custom Auction Page
  • In house and contracted graphic designers
  • In house and contracted photographers

Your custom marketing campaign is tailored to your budget to attract the right buyers for your stock. A targeted campaign focuses on get better buyers to your sale instead of just more buyers.

Unmatched Customer Service

Nothing is more aggravating than trying to conduct business online without any assistance from the platform service. Our commitment from day one was to provide our clients (Sellers) and our customers (Buyers) with unmatched customer service not often found in today's marketplace. As a seller you will have unrestricted access to your SSA rep by phone, email and text and you will get immediate service. Your buyers will get the same immediate service from SSA as 98% of our service requests are answered in less than two minutes and 100% in less than 10 minutes. Your buyers can get immediate assistance by:

  • Step by Step Bidder instructions located on the website in printable format
  • Our industry exclusive website chat is available from 7AM to 11PM (Central), 7 days a week. It is manned by actual SSA admins, not bots.
  • By calling our toll free help line. Answered by a live person from 7AM to 11PM, 7 days a week.
  • Email to This email address is also monitored from 7AM to 11PM, 7 days a week.
  • Facebook Messenger, managed by admins from 7AM to 11PM Central, 7 days a week.
  • Buyers can elect to receive outbid notifications through our system.
  • Buyers will receive invoices and auction information by email and/or text.
  • Password reset is available 24 hours a day.

Buyers must feel comfortable in what they are buying and be able to buy on the platform when it is auction time. A buyer who has questions is a lower price bidder.