Brent R. Graves - Auctioneer/Owner

Brent Graves caught the bug to be an auctioneer while attending Texas Tech University and working for area auctioneers. “It’s surreal to think about it now but that stretch of highway, in the early 90’s was producing some really good auctioneers. Clint Sherman, Jason Spence, and myself all worked at different auction barns within a mile of each other along Hwy 87 each week. All those barns are gone now but think of the impact they had on three men in their early 20’s and the impact they have in turn had in the auction and livestock industries. A show barn has that same impact on kids and that’s why the competitive livestock industry is vital.” Graves reminisced.

After a few years in corporate America he realized his dream and attended Gregg School of Auctioneering in May of 2000. Col. Kenneth Gregg was one of the top competitive livestock auctioneers in the U.S. from 1950 to the 1990’s and founded the Purple Circle magazine. At the height of his career he was one of Braniff Airlines top customers, toting his entire sound system through airports from auction to auction. Brent and Col. Gregg had instant appreciation for one another as they spent much of their time at auction school reminiscing about their days as Texas FFA State Officers, albeit 40 years apart.

Brent recalled “I remember Col. Gregg said ‘there’s something about this internet and auctions that I think is going to be huge someday’. Of course I thought ‘you can’t have an auction on the internet.’ Fast forward nearly 20 years to the day and was born.”

Between those two points Brent sold millions of dollars of equipment, automobiles and real estate across the country by auction. He was crowned the Texas State Champion Auctioneer in 2004, ranked internationally in the Top 25 in 2005, served on the Texas Auctioneer’s Association board of directors for 7 years before completing his term as President in 2013. In 2013, Brent co-authored the Texas Auctioneer law that became the model for other states. He has served as an instructor for two auction schools, has been a featured speaker at numerous state and national conventions and has been a contest judge and CE instructor throughout his auction career.

Brent has been happily married to his wife Ashley for 25 years and they reside outside of Stephenville, Texas. Ashley is a recognized authority in the Pro-life movement and coaches local pregnancy resource center leaders on the best practices of ministry and leadership within their organizations. She is completing her Ph.D in Strategic Leadership from Regents University so yes, there will soon be a doctor in the house.

Savanna Graves - Producer

Savanna Graves grew up in the auction business. In 2021 she received her Bachelors in Journalism from Liberty University where she was a member of the award winning western Equestrian Team. Her time in Virginia allowed her the opportunity to find her passions for writing and photography/videography. Her skill is to tell a story through the written word or the lens. Upon returning to Texas she finished her first book and became a published author in doing so.

She founded Scout House Media in 2022 as an avenue to tell the world the interesting stories of the people around us every day. Through her talents, has been able to fine tune our production and broadcast capabilities. Savanna brings the sizzle to through graphic design, photo and video work as well as seamless production quality of our simulcast auctions.

An interesting fact about Savanna is she had the opportunity to serve in the Trump White House press office in 2020 and was able to learn valuable skills from the ever capable Kayleigh McEnany.

Savanna lives in Stephenville, Texas with her loud and obnoxious husky, Lucy.

Presley Graves - Live Action Camera, Customer Experience

Presley is the spark that started the concept behind It was her involvement in competitive livestock that thrust the question "what are the kids going to do with all the animals?" on that day in March of 2020. Starting out answering literally hundreds of tech support questions in the early days to clerking, registering buyers and operating our live action cameras for hours on end, Presley does it all.

Presley showed pigs, goats and steers throughout her showing career. She was fortunate enough to collect a few walls of banners and buckles along with some sale holes. In 2020, Presley was named the Star Greenhand in Agri-business by the Texas FFA with her SAE which was She was a top four finalist for Star Chapter FFA Degree in 2021. She served as the president of her FFA chapter and as a District vice-president before electing in her junior year to attend homeschool to focus more time on her show stock.

Presley is eager to attend West Texas A&M in the fall of 2023 and begin her college studies with a major in Ag Education.

Lyle Logeman - Auctioneer/Announcer

Lyle Logemann is an agriculture science teacher in Whiteface, Texas just west of Lubbock. Lyle was born and raised on the eastern high plains of New Mexico near the town of Portales. Lyle attended Elida High School where he was active in FFA. Lyle is a former State and National FFA Officer who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education from Eastern New Mexico University and a Master of Education degree in Agriculture Education and Extension from New Mexico State University.

Lyle has a passion to let help the world understand the western and agricultural ways of life. Through his notable FFA experiences Lyle is offorded the opportunity to travel the country leading workshops and teaching the youth of America how to become stronger, more influential leaders of agriculture and our rural values.

Aside from his primary occupation as an educator, Lyle is an active auctioneer who attended the Western College of Auctioneering in Bozeman, Montana and the Professional Ringman’s Institute in Nashville, Tennessee. Lyle is also a western lifestyle event announcer, and podcast host of “This Could Get Western”.  Lyle possesses an enthusiastic and gregarious personality coupled with a bass-baritone voice that is clear and strong behind a microphone! Whether he is reading pedigrees or calling bids your audience will enjoy listening to Lyle all day long.

Todd Kercheval - Auctioneer/Announcer

One of the most important and overlooked fields in agriculture is policy making. Enter Todd Kercheval, an agriculture policy maker with a passion for the industry and the youth that represents the next generation of farmers, ranchers and even policy makers.

Todd holds a Bachelors in Economics from Sam Houston State University. After college he worked for the Texas Racing Commission supervising drug testing and investigations at race tracks in Texas. He was lured away from the TRC by the late State Senator Tom Haywood where Todd clerked for the Senate sub-committee on Agriculture. Through a series of stops within the Capital building Todd would eventually serve as Chief of Staff for hairman Jim Pitts, who chaired the House Appropriations Committee. During his tenure there, the House unanimously passed HB1, the state budget. This is the only time in modern Texas history a unanimous vote occurred related to passing the budget.

If you are a regular of Texas stock shows you have likely heard Todd on the microphone as an announcer at both the Houston Livestock Show and the State Fair of Texas where he has served for over 20 years.

The Texas legislature meets every odd numbered year. Therefore, Todd lives in Austin during part of the odd years and in Nocona, Texas the rest of the time with his beautiful wife Carly. promotes, produces, and manages all phases of competitive livestock auctions. Our clients include leading producers and successful kids. We sell success, head to tail, without all the stress.