El Paso County Junior Livestock Sale - CO

El Paso County Junior Livestock Sale - CO


While the circumstances may have presented a challenge, we are excited to welcome the El Paso County Junior Livestock Sale into the digital era.  Together with online sale provider StockShowAuctions.com, the Sale offers online auction style bidding in conjunction with and simultaneously with the live auction.  

Please note:  Separate registration is required for in person and online bidding. 

ONLINE REGISTRATION:    Click on the “Login/Register” icon in the upper right corner of the StockShowAuctions.com website, select the “Register” tab and complete information. 

Some tips when registering to bid online:

·       In order for us to give you proper recognition when you make an online purchase, it is best to use your business name as the UserName. 

o   If you have already registered and need to have the UserName changed, please contact us or StockShowAuctions.com to get the Username changed. 

·       When you make a purchase online, you will receive a Buyer number.  For returning buyers, the number will be different than the regular assigned number you are accustomed to using.  The Sale Committee will cross reference your StockShowAuction.com number to your old number

·       After the Sale is over you will receive an email with a link to make your selection regarding your decision to “Retain for Own Use” or “Buyback.” 

o    If retaining for own use, you will also need to make a selection from the Custom Processor list that will be shown. 

o   The “Retain for Own Use” or “Buyback” decisions are needed Saturday at the conclusion of the Sale in order for us to make delivery arrangements for the animals.

·       If you would like to make additional “Add-Ons” to exhibitors, you may do so up until 7:00 p.m. MST on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

o   A final invoice will be emailed to you once the Add-On portion of the auction closes. 

IF PLANNING TO ATTEND AUCTION IN PERSON: Please click on the “DOCUMENTS“ button below and select the “In Person Buyer Registration Form.” Bring the completed form to the registration table on Sale Day.