San Joaquin AgFest Livestock Auction - CA

San Joaquin AgFest Livestock Auction - CA

San Joaquin AgFest Junior Show and Auction provides the young people in our county's 4-H and FFA programs the opportunity to be actively engaged in the agriculture industry. It is an extension of a decades-old agriculture tradition that teaches our young people true lesson in time and capital investments. This is our 10th Annual Auction and  we continue the tradition and honor our young people and the investments they have made in their market animal, dairy replacement heifer, and ag mechanics projects. We extend our sincerest gratitude to each and every buyer and donor for their participation and support!


We once again have 3 platforms for the Auction.  All auctions will be live time - with the Exhibitors selling their animals at the Stockton Fairgrounds and simulcast through Stock Show Auctions in real time.

The Dairy Replacement Sale will take place on FRIDAY, June 16th at 7:00 pm

The Beef, Sheep, Goats, Ag Mechanics, Rabbits and Turkeys in that order will be on Saturday, June 17thh starting at 9:00 am

The Swine Sale will take place on Saturday, June 17th starting at 9:30 am and will run until the completion of the sale.


You are currently in the LIVESTOCK AUCTION (Beef, Sheep, Goats, Ag Mechanics, Rabbits & Turkeys)

Beef, Sheep, Goats will sell by the pound - Buyers have the option of choosing Custom or Resale

     Custom - the buyer will pay the sale price of the animal with additional costs for harvesting the animal.  Cut and wrap charges will apply and those fees paid directly to the Cut & Wrap House.

     Resale -  the buyer will pay the difference between the Market Value price per lb of the winning bid price per lb.  


    Buyers NEED TO NOTIFY THE AUCTIONEER upon being the winning bid -to choose Custom or Resale - and where the locker house they would like it processed at- after they are determined the winning bidder at the time of sale.


Replacement Dairy Heifers will be sold by the Head - and will be Sold LIVE with Pick up after the Sale.


Market Turkeys, Meat Pens, Rabbits will all be sold by the Head, with Custom as their only option.


HARVEST FEES:   BEEF  $195.00 PER HEAD processed at Austens, Dave's, The Meat Shop or Sanders - NEW THIS YEAR - PROCESSED AT WESTERN MEAT WHERE THEY WILL BE HARVESTED $150.00 per head DISCOUNTED

                             GOATS $64.00   SHEEP $61.00 SWINE $75.00  TURKEYS $30.00  MEAT PENS $7.00 PER HEAD RABBITS $10.00 EACH






All goats and sheep will be Standard Cut—Unless otherwise directed.

AUSTIN MEAT SERVICE Ripon  209-559-4988

Beef & Hogs $1.50 lb.; Smoke/Cured $1.80 lb. Lamb/Goat $175.00 flat fee; Sausage Bulk $15.00 per flavor; Links $5.00/lb 

DAVE’S MEAT SERVICE Modesto 209-527-2861

Beef & Hogs $1.50 lb.; Smoke/Cured $1.80 lb; Lambs $175.00 each; Goats $175.00 each

SANDERS MEAT SERVICE - Turlock 209-634-7525

Beef & Hogs 1.20 lb. for standard cut & wrap into butcher paper and based on hanging weight, if vacuum packing $1.35/lb; Smoke/Cured $1.25 lb. Link Sausage $2.50 lb. finished weight;

Lamb/Goat $125.00

THE MEAT SHOP  -  Jackson    209-268-8726

Beef $1.55 lb.; Hogs $290.00 flat rate for cut & wrap; Smoke/Cured $1.65 lb; ask for Link price when giving instructions.   Lamb/Goat $175.00 each *Note: A 5% rendering fee add to all orders, waived with cash payments.  No checks accepted.  Storage fees after 14 Days.

WESTERN MEAT - MODESTO  209-521-1843 –Beef ONLY

Beef $1.10/lb    


         ~T-Bone, Rib, Top Sirloin & Sirloin Tip steaks are all 3/4” thick 2 and 1 per package ~Arm, Chuck and Rump roasts are all 3-4lbs each~6-8 packages of both Soup Bones & Stew Meat~Short Ribs are cut to cook in the     oven or crock pot
          ~Round Steaks are sliced thin for Carne Asada ~Flank & Skirt steaks are not tenderized ~Tri- tips not seasoned ~Briskets whole and trimmed ~Ground beef is all put in 1lb packages
          ~Loins are cut into chops 5/8” thick wrapped 4 per package ~Pork Shoulders are cut half into 5/8” steaks 2 per pack, other half in 3-4lb roasts ~Bacons are cured and smoked, sliced a medium thickness
          ~Hams are cured and smoked with the centers sliced for breakfast steaks, and ends   made into 3-4lb roasts
           ~Spareribs are saved    ~Sausage is a breakfast medium flavor in 1lb packages



SWINE:  $.58    lb
BEEF:     $.1.01      lb
SHEEP:   $1.48     lb
GOATS:  $2.60    lb


If you are not interested in buying an animal, please consider the add-on option.  It will be open 48 hours after the completion of the sale.



1658 S Airport Way, Stockton, California 95206