Schaefer Cattle Kooler Fan
Start Time:5/4/2023 12:00:00 PM
End Time:5/14/2023 12:00:00 AM
Bid Count:7
Winning Bidder:Amber Jennings
Starting Bid:$50.00
Bid Increment:$25.00
Current Bid:$200.00
Bidding complete

Works, 110v plug

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Sellers Terms: is hereinafter referred to as "Auctioneer" and is licensed by auctioneer license #13507 in the State of Texas.

By placing items on the platform through the consignor portal, you attest that you are the legal owner and/or rightful agent of the owner and have the legal authority to place the item(s) on the platform and offer them for sale. Should the item have a lien you will notify the Auctioneer by email at and provide the Auctioneer with payoff information prior to the beginning of the auction.

Seller agrees that ALL payments from buyers be made to, and those funds will be held in trust for 7 days after the receipt of funds from the buyer. The seller agrees the buyer has 7 days to retrieve items purchased and file a dispute with Auctioneer. Should buyer fail to file a dispute with Auctioneer or fails to retrieve items from seller, the Auctioneer will remit proceeds to seller, less agreed commissions and fees due the auctioneer. Sellers failure to ship agreed items will extend the buyers time to file a dispute for two (2) business days following the carrier's confirmation of delivery. All proceeds will be remitted to the seller by Auctioneer's Trust Account check with immediately available funds by U.S. Mail.

Seller's may check their statements in the consignor portal at anytime to determine buyers address and if they have paid their invoice prior to shipping any item. If the item has a green checkmark to the left of the item, the buyer has submitted payment to Auctioneer. Any item not that is not paid for by the Buyer to the Auctioneer will be omitted from the settlement to the seller until which time it has been paid for by the Buyer. 

Seller agrees NOT to post, pack, ship or offer in any way any medicine, ointment, device that requires a prescription by a Veterinarian in any state. Auctioneers suggest that you do not offer or ship any liquid that does not have the original seal in place.

Seller authorizes Auctioneer to charge payment method on file for any posted fees not paid.

Sellers Commissions and fees are as follows:

0-$50.00 = 25%

$50-$100 = 20%

$100-$500 = 15%

$500-$1000 = 10%

$1000+  = 8%

Pass Out (PO)/No Sale/Buy Back fees are $15 per lot.

Buyer Terms:

Buyers agree to remit all payments to either through platform (Credit/debit card or ACH) with an added 3.5% processing fee or immediately mail payment for full invoice amount to Auctioneers at, 1445 CR 428, Stephenville, TX 76401.

Buyers agree to retrieve from seller any items purchased within 7 days following the auction. Auctioneer will hold sellers proceeds for 7 days in the event the buyer disputes the items description to the actual condition. Should a dispute arise, Buyer is urged to notify Auctioneer prior to removal or immediately upon receipt from shipping company. Auctioneer will act as the sole arbiter in any disputes and the Auctioneer will inform both parties in writing to their decision and the Auctioneer's decision will be final.

If items are shipped, Buyer will have two (2) business days from carriers documented delivery to file a dispute with Auctioneer.

If shipping is at Buyer's expense, Seller will ship the item and submit a paid receipt to Auctioneer and Buyer authorizes Auctioneer to charge payment method on file (plus 3.5% processing fee) and remit the receipt total to seller at time of settlement. Buyer agrees that seller is informed not to release or ship any items until payment has been tendered to


United States

See the Specific Removal/Shipping Instructions In Each Lot Description

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Seller Commissions are: 0-$50=25%; $50-$100=20%; $100-$500=15%; $500-$1000=10%; $1000+ = 8%; $15 per lot PO/Buyback fee
Buyers pay 3.5% CC/ACH fee and $25 for any trailer title processing.
All payments will be remitted to, a licensed Texas Auctioneer (#13507)