Emilee Craighead Manteca FFA
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FFA RESERVE LIGHTWEIGHT MARKET LAMB Hi! My name is Emilee Craighead, I have 17 and I will be a senior at Manteca High. This is my 3rd year participating in FFA, but only my second year raising a lamb. I work very hard with my lamb, his name is beau and we walk about a mile to a mile and a half every day! I am a 3 sport athlete and absolutely love FFA and the memories I make in FFA. Beau is a cuddly lamb who likes to but when he gets excited. I am so excited for fair to be in person this year and cannot wait to talk Beau to fair! Thank you so much for reading this and learning all about me and my lamb Beau. 

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San Joaquin AgFest Junior Show and Auction provides the young people in our county's 4-H and FFA programs the opportunity to be actively engaged in the agriculture industry. It is an extension of a decades-old agriculture tradition that teaches our young people true lesson in time and capital investments. Like so many others fairs and shows, we've had to rethink our annual program when Covid-19 started, and this year again we are thinking outside the box and will have a LIVE/SIMULCAST sale for our exhibitors. It is with this sale that we continue the tradition and honor our young people and the investments they have made in their market animal, dairy replacement heifer, and ag mechanics projects. We extend our sincerest gratitude to each and every buyer and donor for their participation and support!


This will be unique as we will have 3 platforms for the Auction.  All auctions will be live time - with the Exhibitors selling their animals at the Stockton Fairgrounds and simulcast through Stock Show Auctions in real time.

The Dairy Replacement Sale will take place on Saturday, June 12th at 7:00 pm

The Beef, Sheep, Goats, Ag Mechanics, Rabbits and Turkeys in that order will be on Saturday, June 19th starting at 9:00 am

The Swine Sale will take place on Saturday, June 19th starting at 9:30 am and will run until the completion of the sale.


You are currently in the LIVESTOCK AUCTION (Beef, Sheep, Goats, Ag Mechanics, Rabbits & Turkeys)

Beef, Sheep, Goats  will sell by the pound - Buyers have the option of choosing Custom or Resale

     Custom - the buyer will pay the sale price of the animal with additional costs for harvesting the animal.  Cut and wrap charges will apply and those fees paid directly to the Cut & Wrap House.

     Resale -  the buyer will pay the difference between the Market Value price per lb of the winning bid price per lb.  


    Buyers will be asked upon being the winning bid -to choose Custom or Resale - and where the locker house they would like it processed at- after they are determined the winning bidder at the time of sale.


Market Turkeys, Meat Pens, Rabbits will all be sold by the Head, with Custom as their only option.


HARVEST FEES:   BEEF  $220.00 PER HEAD   GOATS $59.00   SHEEP $56.00 SWINE $45.00  TURKEYS $15.00  MEAT PENS $5.00 PER HEAD RABBITS $7.50 EACH



       Beef & Hogs $1.25 .b Smoke/Cured $1.55 lb  Lamb/Goat $150.00 each  Sausage & Seasoning $15 per flavor Links $4.75 lb


       Beef & Hogs $1.25 lb  Smoke/Cured $1.45 lb  Lambs $125.00 each  Goats $105.00 each


       Beef $1.35 lb  Hogs $250.00 flat rate for cut & wrap; Smoke/Cured $1.50 lb  Sausage bulk $1.75 lb  Fresh Link Sausage  $4.99-5.99  Lamb/Goat $150.00 each


       Beef & Hogs $1.00 lb for standard cut & wrap into butcher papfer and based on hanging weight.  If vacuum packing add $1.15 lb  Smoke/Cured $1.25 lb Link Sausage $3.99 lb finished weight; Smoke/Cured $1.05 lb

       Lamb/Goat $95.00

       Sanders will use this STANDARD CUT & WRAP for Species as noted:

         ~T-Bone, Rib, Top Sirloin & Sirloin Tip steaks are all 3/4” thick 2 and 1 per package ~Arm, Chuck and Rump roasts are all 3-4lbs each~6-8 packages of both Soup Bones & Stew Meat~Short Ribs are cut to cook in the     oven or crock pot
          ~Round Steaks are sliced thin for Carne Asada ~Flank & Skirt steaks are not tenderized ~Tri- tips not seasoned ~Briskets whole and trimmed ~Ground beef is all put in 1lb packages
          ~Loins are cut into chops 5/8” thick wrapped 4 per package ~Pork Shoulders are cut half into 5/8” steaks 2 per pack, other half in 3-4lb roasts ~Bacons are cured and smoked, sliced a medium thickness
          ~Hams are cured and smoked with the centers sliced for breakfast steaks, and ends   made into 3-4lb roasts
           ~Spareribs are saved    ~Sausage is a breakfast medium flavor in 1lb packages
            LAMBS (Goats similar)
           ~Legs are kept whole ~Loin chops are 1” thick wrapped 4 per package  ~Shoulders are cut into chops 3/4” thick wrapped 2 per package ~Breast of Lamb is saved  ~Shanks are saved
           ~All trimmings are all made into ground lamb in 1lb packages.        *Customers can choose thickness on steaks and choice of stew or soup bones



SWINE:  $.86 lb
BEEF:     $  .90 lb
SHEEP:   $1.90 lb
GOATS:  $3.30 lb


If you are not interested in buying an animal, please consider the add-on option.  It will be open 48 hours after the completion of the sale.