Cherry County 4-H/FFA Livestock Sale - NE

Cherry County 4-H/FFA Livestock Sale - NE

Welcome to the 2021 Cherry County 4-H/FFA LIVE and ONLINE Livestock Sale. We have a superior line up of Market Steers, Market Heifers, Market Hogs, Market Lambs and Market Goats. Cherry County 4-H/FFA Youth work year round to bring top of the line beef, pork, lamb and goat products to the consumer. The livestock sale is the finale to all their hard work.


You, the buyer, are an essential part to the completion of their project. The sale offers an opportunity to support and encourage the community’s youth, and your purchase will support the youth’s efforts in establishing a small scale agribusiness operation. Not only do members learn business and marketing skills they also learn many life skills such as responsibility and teamwork.


We appreciate the support of our 2020 buyers, and would like to recognize Sandhills Oil, Inc. as the 2020 Volume Buyer.


Cherry County 4-H/FFA Livestock Sale is a Terminal Sale.

SALE FORMAT: Valentine Livestock Auction determines the market price per pound, which will be multiplied by the animal weight. This results in the base price per head ("floor price"), which will be listed in the sale catalog for each animal. The auction starting bid will begin at the base price.  Any amount buyers bid over that amount will be considered the “premium” (winning bid - starting bid = premium paid) . The total of the floor price plus the premium amount bid is the amount the 4-H/FFA member receives.  If you would like to see the exact base price of a lot CLICK ON "VIEW LOT DETAILS", and it will be listed as the starting bid.  **NOTE: THE CURRENT BID PRICE IS THE BASE PRICE + THE PREMIUM AMOUNT.** See buying options below for more details.

Base price (floor price)  Will be determined by Valentine Livestock Auction and posted Prior to the Sale. Beef - $1.18/lb.  Sheep - $2.50/lb.   Goat - $2.50/lb.  Hog - $.70/lb

BUYING OPTIONS:  BUYERS have THREE OPTIONS when purchasing/donating money toward the 4-H/FFA member's project.

1. Pay the full price (Winning Bid) and have the animal sent to Valentine Locker or Husker Meats for processing. Additional processing and packaging fees are due to the respective Locker. (DISPOSITION CHOICE: VALENTINE LOCKER or HUSKER MEATS)

2. Pay only the premium amount bid over the base price (winning bid - starting bid = premium paid) and Valentine Livestock Auction will buy the animal back at the base price. (DISPOSITION CHOICE: BUYBACK)

3. Donation (Add-On) Any amount can be donated anonymously to a lot.  This amount will be in addition to the premium amount paid by the winning bidder.  Add-ons can be given from the opening of the sale until 48 hours after the sale closes on Saturday Aug 14th.  (Monday at 10 pm add-ons close)

 If you choose Option 1 the 4-H/FFA Youth will deliver your purchased animal to the locker. The buyer will be responsible to contact the locker with processing instructions.

** Please note if you are the winning online bidder, you will receive an email from asking how you would like to dispose of the animal. You will need to make your disposition choice by 7:00 pm Saturday August 14th. 

Payment is Due at the conclusion of the Sale.  

Locker Appointments are reserved at Valentine Locker & Husker Meats August 18th - 19th.

The 4-H/FFA Youth will deliver your purchased animal to the locker. 

The buyer will be responsible to contact the locker with processing instructions. 

Valentine Locker 402-376-1982  *   Husker Meats 402-382-3663


We would like to thank...Valentine Livestock Auction, Valentine Locker, Husker Meats,

KVSH Radio, Cherry County Ag Society, All Volunteers & Helpers


Questions about the sale call Eve Millar @ 402-389-0119

126 North Government Street, Valentine, Nebraska 69201