The team has been super busy this month! Everyday we arrive, the question is "How do we make it better?" Our driving force each day is to enhance the premium sale experience for the hardworking exhibitors, the generous buyers and the dedicated show committees across the nation. Our commitment to all of our customers is to provide the best platform, the best customer service, the best advice and simply BE THE BEST. That commitment to each of our users will continue and that means we will keep working hard to maintain our status as The Premium Sale Authority. We thank each of our users for trusting our team. We have made some major improvements this month and want to share those with you. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

1)Total redesign of the site, putting site and platform on one URL for better user experience 2)Added pages specific to Exhibitors, Buyers and Show Committees -Exhibitor page includes: New, more detailed exhibitor instruction video New, step by step printable instructions with screen shots New Sales tips for Exhibitors to increase buyer participation New FAQ resource section -Buyer Page includes: New, more detailed easier to follow buyer instruction video New, step by step printable buyer instructions with screenshots New FAQ Resource section -Show Committee Page includes: Video with overview of SSA service package Video explaining how social media drive premium sale revenue Printable Benefits of using SSA for premium sales no and during live auction times Printable Results page Printable tips for committees to utilize in an effort to increase revenue and experience. 3)Added online support chat for all users, monitored by admins 7AM-12AM Central 4)Added sponsorship ad blocks and banners on homepage that link to advertisers so shows can sell to offset sale expenses 5)In addition to MaxBid Feature, we added “regular bid” for buyers who want to drive the price to a certain amount. 6)Added upcoming news section for users to keep up with latest SSA and stock show industry news. 7)Added the Destination selection so buyers could identify where they wanted to send animals at time of invoicing. 8)Added a weight and weigh date entry point for consignor 9)Added an Outbid Text feature to inform buyers they have been outbid 10)Added a stand alone Contact page 11)Added Vanity Toll Free Number 833-675-SHOW