At we provide a service. Ultimately, we view ourselves as a service that adds value to the exhibitors experience and increases their bottomline. But how much value do we really add?

No two fingerprints are the same and no two auctions are alike. It’s impossible to do one auction without our service and repeat the same auction on the same day, with the same crowd with our services to determine our value equation.

We know that sale committees who inform buyers they will be using our platform there is a direct correlation to online bidding activity. However, it is difficult to put a bona-fide price drive on that part of the platform, we are working on it.

One thing we can track is online add-ons. We sampled one auction where we provided simulcast bidding. Buyers would contribute add-ons at the sale in one system and online contributors donated through our site. We found the average exhibitor had an average of 6.5 add-on contributors with an average financial gain of $365 per exhibitor. If your sale had 100 exhibitors that’s another $36,500 for your exhibitor pool!

Could your exhibitors use an extra $365? Sure they could! Done right, the online auction component of your junior livestock show will add money to the kids, no doubts. While we were the first to conduct an internet based jr. livestock auction we certainly have worthy competitors today. We invite you to consider adding an online bidding system to your next auction (even if you choose our competitors), your exhibitors will be grateful.

Challenge: Contact at least three different online providers that specialize in junior livestock auctions and learn as much as you can about the process, their experience and their support for your committee, exhibitors and buyers. We hope we will be one of the three you choose to call.