Get New Money in The Room

As a sale committee, the effort to improve and get more contributors involved is an ongoing and never ending process. Think about your top 20 individual buyers from 2016, is that the same top 20 in 2021? We suspect not. Buyers move, they pass away, they change jobs or the company left town, closed operations or changed their level of contribution. Simply, some buyers kids or grandkids may have cycled out of the stock show scene. Chances are you lost some, and you gained some.

Sale committees start working on securing buyers from a list, you know the one, the list of buyers from last year’s sale. Too often this panic calling begins less than 30 days prior to the next sale. Volunteers are trying to do their normal job AND call the proven buyers on the list to remind them of the upcoming sale. Sadly, for many of these volunteers, they also have kids showing and must make time to assist them in show preparations.

What if your committee started slowly, 180 days out? What if your committee didn’t call “The List” of proven buyers until the last 60 days and only focused on securing new buyers to your sale? With the advantage of online participation and the involvement of each exhibitor the results of pre-planning can be huge for your kids.

Challenge: Encourage each person on your sale committee to bring five new buyers (Buyers not on "The List") either through bidding, add-ons or matching funds.